PVTCloud is an easy intuitive and accurate online Black Oil Properties Calculator. It uses industry standard correlations (e.g. Standing, Vazquez-Beggs etc.) and generates black oil properties such as Oil Formation Volume Factor (Bo), Solution Gas-Oil Ratio (Rs), Oil Viscosity (μo) and Oil Compressibility (Co) using field data as inputs. Gas properties such as Gas Formation Volume Factor (Bg), Gas Viscosity (μg) and Gas Deviation Factor (Z-factor) are calculated using Dranchuk-Abou-Kassem or Standing method. PVTCloud uses Bradley correlation to calculate formation Volume Factor of Water (Bw), Compressibility of Brine (Cw), Brine Viscosity (μw) and Gas Dissolved in Brine (Rsw). Compressibility of rock is calculated using Newman and Hall correlations.

Presentation-ready graphs as well detailed numerical data can be exported for all properties. Oil properties are generated for both saturated (including above original bubble point as needed for many simulators) and Under-Saturated Regions. These values can be directly used in volumetric calculations, reservoir simulation, pressure transient testing and material balance analysis.

Registration allows users to create Project and Cases and save the results for future reference. Multiple cases can be created and compared against each other graphically. Being a cloud tool, the users can access their data and the tool anywhere they want.