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Company does not guarantee results. All interpretations using this application, and all recommendations or reservoir descriptions based upon such interpretations, are opinions based on inferences from measurements and empirical relationships and on assumptions, which inferences and assumptions are not infallible, and with respect to which competent specialists may differ. In addition, such interpretations, recommendations and reservoir descriptions may involve the opinion and judgment of licensee/ user.

Licensee/user has full responsibility for all interpretations, recommendations and reservoir descriptions or other results utilizing this software application. Company cannot and does not warrant the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any interpretation, recommendation or reservoir description. Under no circumstances should any interpretation, recommendation or reservoir description be relied upon as the sole basis for any drilling, completion, well treatment, production or other financial decision, or any procedure involving any risk to the safety of any drilling venture, drilling rig or its crew or any other individual. User/Licensee has full responsibility for all such decisions and for all decisions concerning other procedures relating to the drilling or production operations. Except in the case of infringement User/licensee agrees that Company shall have no liability to licensee/user or to any third party for any ordinary, special or consequential damages or losses which might arise directly or indirectly by reason of licensee's/user’s results, recommendations and interpretations derived from use of this application software. Licensee/user shall protect, indemnify, hold harmless and defend Company of and from any such ordinary, special or consequential damages or losses, including attorneys' fees. Company or any of their related companies or firms or their directors or promoters will not be liable for any loss to the user.

The following uses of this application are strictly prohibited: (a) the sale or lease of the Software by user or its affiliates; (b) the re-exportation of the Software by user or its affiliates to any country or location where the licensing thereof is restricted by the government; and (c) copying of the software for use at additional machines or users. The installed licenses provided can be used by different students at those computers where the software is installed.

User/Licensee acknowledges the proprietary rights of Company in and to the application/Licensed Software, including but not limited to, computer codes, user manuals, other supporting material and data, identifying symbols, passwords, user numbers and security symbols, and further acknowledges that such properties are considered to be trade secrets in that they involve processes and compilations of information that are secret, confidential, and not generally known to the public, and which are the product of company's own expenditure of time, effort, money and creative skills. In this regard, Licensee/user is strictly prohibited from reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, decoding or tampering with the Software or the security devices used in connection therewith. The licensee/user will not develop or create modifications, improvements, and/or derivative works of the Software. The licensee/user will not deliberately modify or disable or otherwise "crack" any feature incorporated in the Software. Licensee/user cannot share the software with other vendors and competitors. This paragraph constitutes an agreement separate and distinct from the other provisions of this Agreement and shall continue in full force and effect for twenty years from the date of this Agreement.