CAESAR is a well and reservoir management software that combines the power of reservoir simulation results with the analytics of production data. It offers powerful visualization view along with the capability to generate reports. The engineers can have a 3D scan of the reservoir along with the capability to visualize wells, completions, flow paths, and remaining oil or gas in place.

Key Features:-
  • Streamtube Analysis
  • Waterflood Analysis
  • Waterflood Sweep Optimization
  • Injection Efficiency
  • Allocation Factor
  • 2D Plots
  • Handle thousands of wells with a fast response time
  • Perform fast optimization and design of water floods and EOR floods
  • Quantify the impact of opening and squeezing perforations
  • Determine injectors causing poor sweep and determine candidates for conversion
  • Identify key injectors for EOR injection
  • Predict EOR performance based on type curve analysis


CoreLog is a log analysis and petro physical modelling application, based on industry standard models, used for calculating petro physical properties of a well(s). It calculates several properties, such as porosity, permeability, volume of shale and others on a zone or well basis.

Key Features:-
  • Handles both single and dual porosity reservoirs
  • Data Import and Management
  • Displays and Plots
  • Calculations
  • Data Export and User Interface
  • Highly accurate petro-physical properties based on multi-zone calculations that provide a graphical preview of the property to allow customizations
  • Comprehensive data import capability that ensures data integrity, structured organization and editing of data, automatic mapping of known curve properties, and data transformations
  • User friendly, interactive and customizable display of plots and ability to create templates.
  • Preview all the logs in a selected well, interactively create and update zones, merge logs and create depth shifts, drag and drop ability

  FlowSim Studio

FlowSim Studio is a fully implicit, three-phase, three-dimensional black-oil and composite Reservoir Simulation Software. It simulates dynamic responses of oil and gas reservoir performance by computing gas, oil and water phase flow within the reservoir.

Key Features:-
  • Handles both single and dual porosity reservoirs
  • Well Data and Simulation Controls
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • 2D Mapping
  • 2D Plotting
  • 3D Visualization
  • Unit system flexibility
  • Post-processing capabilities
  • 3D plot comparison between models
  • Visualize process bottle-necks
  • State-of-the-art 3D visualization

   Galaxy 4D

Galaxy 4D is a fully integrated geological, geostatistical and reservoir characterization software platform. It provides geologists and reservoir engineers with a highly versatile and easy to use 3D/2D stratigraphic and reservoir modelling tool.

Key Features:-
  • Data Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Well Correlation
  • 3D Simulation, Scale up and Visualization
  • Gridding and Mapping
  • Petrophysical Analysis
  • Intuitive work flow
  • Ease-of-use
  • Short learning curve
  • Project explorer for centralized data management and editing
  • Reservoir heterogeneity and uncertainty modelling
  • Platform independent: PC, Linux and Unix compatible


Earth Material Description / Core Analysis.

Key Features:-
  • Robust and fast cloud based solution
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Simultaneous multi-user access
  • Megascopic, macroscopic, and microscopic descriptive capabilities
  • Predefined library of lithologies and ability to custom design lithologies
  • Advanced tools for statistical analysis and advanced plotting capabilities


GeoTrak is a web based exploration toolkit that provides a quick, accurate, and intuitive graphical interface for resource calculations and prospect tracking. It gives the flexibility to provide reservoir input parameters by lead, prospect, and other classes.

Key Features:-
  • State-of-the-art web based interface
  • Resource calculator
  • Prospect tracking
  • Classification by geography, stratigraphy, and project information
  • Lead volumetric calculations with user input reservoir properties
  • Deterministic calculator with different calculation methods
  • Probabilistic calculator
  • Advanced reporting options
  • Collaborative project management
  • SPE PRMS resource classification
  • Fast and accurate resource calculations for multiple leads and prospects
  • Easy to use and intuitive graphical interface
  • Web based collaborative framework
  • Ability to define and edit leads on the fly
  • Provides single source of data and analysis to avoid duplication and confusion
  • Provides consistency and accuracy
  • Secure and confidential
  • Accessible through company intranet worldwide


PetroPhaseN is a Windows-based, state-of-the-art PVTphase package. Using a generalized three-parameter equation of state (EOS), PetroPhaseN can simulate laboratory experiments, characterize hydrocarbon components, match PVTdata, investigate miscibility, facilitate the optimization of separator trains and prepare PVTinput data for black oil and compositional simulators.

Key Features:-
  • EOS Data Input
  • Characterization
  • PVT Experiment Simulation
  • EOS Tuning
  • Outputs
  • Easy and intuitive input and characterization tools
  • Fast and accurate simulation results
  • Provide accurate characterization for heavy components
  • Allows for enhanced EOS tuning
  • Facilitates the design of flow stream in multistage separator


PetroTrak is the ultimate well and reservoir management software application comprising of several powerful modules that assist in the efficient analysis, monitoring and management of oil and gas fields throughout the E&P life cycle.

Key Features:-
  • Performance Plots
  • Web-based Analytics
  • Advanced Visual Assessment
  • Exportable Data
  • Collaborative Capabilities
  • Planning Features
  • Obtain live field information
  • Effective information sharing
  • Web based architecture
  • Visualize process bottle-necks
  • Disseminate information quickly


Sigma is a Seismic Interpretation Software that provides an integrated platform for seismic analysis and geologic modelling.

Key Features:-
  • Multiple Seismic Display Options
  • Display Faults and Well Log Curves
  • Merge Well Logs with Data
  • Display Horizons along with Faults
  • 3D Contouring and Gridding
  • Highly optimized graphics modules
  • Quick response time in handling large 3D volumes
  • Efficient interaction of seismic data from multiple perspectives
  • Innovative map presentations of multiple data sets and interpretations
  • Effective cross-disciplinary collaboration by geo-scientists and engineers


Transients+ is a Well Test Design & Analysis Software that takes advantage of the most recent computational and graphical utilities in user interface designs.

Key Features:-
  • Intuitive and Interactive
  • Complete Suite of Analysis Tools
  • Full Suite of Reservoir and Completion Models
  • Fast and accurate analysis results
  • Customized display settings
  • Unit system flexibility
  • Easy reporting and analysis export
  • Robust input data handling and import capability

SmartEor  SmartEOR

SmartEOR is an innovative software application used to screen fields for different EOR processes and make reliable predictions of reservoir performances. SmartEOR utilizes reservoir simulations with limited user input data. Incremental recoveries from different EOR processes can be compared and the best EOR process can be picked for a particular reservoir. Economics analysis is performed using cash flows for different EOR processes. SmartEOR can also locate analog fields by comparing reservoir and fluid properties. With its integrated platform and reliable predictions, SmartEOR is an ideal tool to help make rapid and accurate decisions on EOR implementation.

Key Features:-
  • Innovative software application used to screen fields for different EOR processes and make reliable predictions of reservoir performance
  • Utilizes reservoir simulations with limited user input data
  • For gas injection processes, automatically creates an EOS that matches PVT properties at displacement pressures and performs compositional simulations for both waterfloods and gas floods
  • Chemical floods, like a surfactant/polymer flood model, can also be modeled in the same platform as a gas


Analytics has an innovative waterflood management and optimization module. It has the flexibility of analyzing and visualizing both field data and simulation results. Analytics can read field production data and provide the user with a visualization of the field development through history. This allows for a waterflood performance analysis of the field independent of any simulations. Analysis can be performed at a well, field and sector level. Performance and diagnostic plots provide the user with a quantitative measure of the waterflood performance and compare it to theoretical calculations. Analytics has the flexibility of reading simulation output from FlowSim Studio and provide a visualization interface for analysis of simulation results. It can also read in log data (MDT, RST etc.) and generate one-click reports.

Key Features:-
  • Animation of Field History
  • Integration with Streamline Simulation
  • Waterflood Performance Analysis
  • Traffic Pattern Analysis Diagnostic Plots
  • Traffic Pattern Analysis
  • Statistics